January 10, 2022

Mission and Vision


EGS Security & Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd. will be known as an industry-leading full service Security, Investigation & Integrated Facility Management Services company in its target markets. By balancing its activities between its operating portfolios across broad markets, EGS Security & Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd. provides both stability and opportunity through industry cycles. While acting as a responsible fiduciary to our investors, our internal working environment is known for enhanced investor returns, employee growth, teamwork, and fun, coupled with a tradition of excellence and integrity.


Our mission is to provide an outstanding level of service, excellence and expertise in the Security and Integrated Facility Management Services to our clients. To always bear in mind that behind every transaction, there is always a person or family involved. To act in the best interest of our clients at all times, by offering unquestionable ethics on all transactions and to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients by offering exceptional service and utmost customer satisfaction.


Our Core Values

Integrity | People | Excellence | Customer | Team | Community | Profit

INTEGRITY: We honour our commitments.
PEOPLE: Adherence to a fun and enriched environment that promotes right balance between business and personal life.
EXCELLENCE: Employ talented, motivated people and allow them to pursue excellence.
CUSTOMER: A culture recognising that every customer is the reason why we have a business.
TEAM: Working towards common goals while maintaining open and constructive communication.
COMMUNITY: Be an involved corporate citizen, doing our part to make our community a better place for generations to come.
PROFIT: Creating a successful platform that provides superior returns to our investors and strength to the Company.